Loudrage – Pungent Roots (Demo 2011) released for free download

Groovy Death Metal act LOUDRAGE based in Transylvania, Romania, released their 2011 demo “ Pungent Roots “ for free download! 

Link to download the complete demo:  http://www.mediafire.com/?49zrgfu2oh0sb6h

The band commented: „“ Pungent Roots ” is a demo first meant to promote the band to labels in order to get a record deal, but since we’ve already signed with the Russian label Vomit In Silence Recordswe’ve decided to distribute this for free both as digital download and physical CDs (at gigs only!).

Keep in mind this is a rough, un-mastered recording of 3 tracks that will be featured in final shape and form on the upcoming “ Pungent Roots ” EP, due to be out later on this year! Do not take this as the final stage of the tracks, it’s just a demo!“


About Loudrage

Romanian Groovy Death Metal band LOUDRAGE got together during the Summer of 2005, but started working seriously on composing tracks only a year later. The first official release came in 2007 in form of a DVD titled “ Groovy Dracula Tour “ featuring live footage, pictures, road reports from the Romania tour 2006 with the US Old-School Thrash Deathers RICTUS GRIN . The first MCD, “ Rage Unleashed – Tale of a Murderer “ was released in 2008 and had a huge success in the underground metal media and metalheads as well. As a result the band got to play alongside bands like Sepultura , Vital Remains , Torture Squad , Negura Bunget , Nile , Belphegor , Grave , Lividity , Opera IX , Necrovile , Nuclear , and many others.
This year the band signed a deal with the Russian label Vomit In Silence Records for the release of their second MCD, “ Pungent Roots “ scheduled for this Autumn 2011.

In July 2011 the band was asked to be part of a heavy metal documentary filmed by the Israeli director Gilad Ratman . The documentary will be released sometime next year.

The first professional video of the band, for the track “ Another One of Us “ taken from the “ Rage Unleashed – Tale of a Murderer “ MCD, can be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYzqkZpCxtM

The second professional video, for the track “ Fear Me “ taken from “ Pungent Roots “ MCD, was already filmed and will be released later on this year.
The band’s line-up is the same since 2005:

Molester (vocals)
Bestial (guitar)
Vomital (bass)
Canibal (drums)



Would be awesome if you could publish this press release in your publication, and if you do, please let us know so we can promote your publication on our pages.
Thank you very much, your support is much appreciated!

Of course, if you would like to review the demo (it’s only a few minutes long), please be our guests, we would be honoured to read your opinion.

Interview requests are more than welcome at any time!

Email Loudrage at: loudrage@yahoo.com


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