Ravenland – interview with new female single and EP artwork revealed

In a recent trip to Europe, Tatiana Berke, the new RAVENLAND’s female singer, was interviewed by Ravenheart Music, the british label responsible for the release and distribution in Europe of the band’s new EP. This interview is the first one with Berke and it was made by  Dave Smith, who showed a little bit of the new frontwoman which will share the vocals with Dewindson Wolfheart and revealed the artwork of, „Memories“ EP, made by the brazilian artist Jean Michel  (Designations Artwork). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below:

Ravenheart Music: How did you hook up with Ravenland?
Berke: I was out of the music scene for 3 years more or less because my job was consuming all my time, but when everything got more calm and stabilized I decided to return to music and honestly I was lost because 3 years away from the scene makes you lose all your contact, its almost another life! But I was talking with a personal friend of mine, Jaime Abreu, that I would like to have a band again with. He told me that my return was a good choice and maybe he could help me because he knew a nice band whose female singer had recently quit, so less than 2 days later Dewindson called me and we talked a lot. Everything was really fast, in the same week I was trying to sing the songs. We did some rehearsals and now here I am!
Ravenheart Music: Does it make you nervous that your are linking up with such an awesome band?
Berke: Yes, a lot actually! They have already shared the same stage with bands that I admire and especially because Camilla was much loved by fans. I hope I will also have this kind of affection. However, I have been told to imagine I am Madonna, and the nerves will melt away.
Ravenheart Music: When you are relaxing what music do you like to listen to?
Berke: I like many different kinds of music from Loreena Mckennitt to Ulver but like everyone else, I have some favourite artists that I listen to more often, it’s almost like a religion for me. These artists are: A perfect circle, Kari Rueslatten, Tori Amos and Anathema
Check out the complete interview at http://www.ravenheartmusic.com/press-group-112.html

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