Neurothing’s got a new singer

This ain’t no joke. Aneta ‚Bast‘ Gąska became the new singer of Neurothing. A new picture showed up on Neurothing’s facebook page on 1st of April… a picture with a new singer. Back in the day everybody thought of it as a joke due to the polish custom of Prima Aprillis (which is all about pulling everybodys leg on that one day of the year). Still, days passed by and the info wasn’t removed and so, it became quite clear it was true.

It’s the second change of bands squad in the past six months as well as it is the second change of Neurothing’s singer in the band’s history. It seems the new production brought by Neurothing will already be recorded with yet another voice. In the past we could hear: Bartek Zawadzki during the making of ‚Vanishing Celestial Bodies‘ in 2005, as well as Mikołaj Fajfer, who sang in the bands first real deal album named ‚Murder Book‘ brought to the audience in 2009. That didn’t seem to be enough of changes for the band, and so in October 2010 a new guitar player, Dominico Arroyo Diaz came in to cover for former guitarist and establisher of Neurothing, who decided to quit – Ryszard Hazubski.

Wondering how the new squad will do? The soonest chance to have a little pick on their latest work will be on 14th of May 2011 in Club Firley, Wrocław, where they will be supporting legendary candian band- VOIVOD. The tickets are available for online sale at TicketPro.

At the moment the band is working on new bits and should be done with the album by the end of this year. To get the latest updates on their work go to the official Neurothings website:


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