Nokturnel Frontman Inks Endorsement Deal With Halo Guitars

Nokturnel founder, and frontman Tom Stevens has announced that he is now endorsed by Halo Custom Guitars. Tom is now tearing it up on the Halo „Inverted“, and had this to say:
„I have been known to punish my guitars with Nokturnel’s music and there have been a few that did not survive. After looking at what Halo had to offer I chose my weapon and went with a guitar that had the hardware I wanted, set up in the Key I chose, made by a company that understands what modern guitar players need in an instrument. I chose The Inverted, in Black of course, with a 24 fret neck, Kahler tremelo and Halo’s own Active Pickups which simply kick ass. This guitar’s design is perfect for me with the toggle switch located way out of the way as well as the knobs being away from the bridge which suits my insane high speed demands. I beat the crap out this guitar within minutes of taking it out of the box and it is just killer! Halo has so much to choose from, I will be considering other amazing guitars including a custom extended neck soon. I cannot wait to record some home video of me shredding this new guitar!“
„The Inverted will be my main guitar now, and with Maryland DeathFest only a few weeks away the timing of this weapon falling into my greedy hands is perfect! I’d like to thank Halo for coming through for me after I destroyed my last guitar, and for being the kind of company that recognized the need for heavy as fuck strings, down tuned instruments, extended necks and 6,7,8, and 10 string guitars for the maniacs!“
Catch Tom Stevens, and Nokturnel LIVE on Sunday, May 29th at Maryland Deathfest. Other upcoming live dates include A Day of Death July 16, 2011 in Buffalo N.Y., Friday Aug. 12, with Macabre, and Withered in San Antonio, and The Goregrowlers Ball Fri. Nov. 18, 2011, in San Antonio Tx.
The latest Nokturnel single „Ancestral Calling“ is still available for free download via the Nokturnel Reverbnation page HERE.
Visit the new Nokturnel website  for updated news, media, and tour info.

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