Albumankündigung – BLOODY CLERKS – „No Sun After the Storm“

01. Delusion
02. Silence, & it’s Embrace
03. Breathe
04. Stormbringer Butterfly
05. Decadence
06. Autumn Dream of Black Tears
07. Ephemeral
08. Conflict in No-Man’s Land
09. Staring at the Gloom
10. Host
11. The Mountain of Lost Desires

BLOODY CLERKS have had multiple influences, playing a mixture of sounds from various music styles. We created a hybrid close to Melodic Death Metal musical range, where all our worries, personalities and our own ideas emerged.
Our music is in continuous evolution, and is composed by a superposition of different layers and could be conceived as a kind of heterogenic Dark Metal, being influenced by Melodic Death, Doom, Post-progressive Rock, Dark Ambient and even from the Black. BLOODY CLERKS have their own identity, learning from the past, mixing with the future and composing according to their own personal style.

It all began in Alicante (Spain), in 1995, when a group of friends gathered with the intention of playing Metal. Gradually the band began to consolidate and started to have a space in the metal scene of the area. After fifteen years of wanderings, gigs, small changes in the band and two self-produced albums, the present members of the band consider our productions in a global way, as a whole which includes both musical themes, the meaning of the lyrics, the artwork and the productions. Nowadays, the band is strongly consolidated, reaching their maturity in composition, expressing their personal style and performance of Metal in their last album “No Sun after the Storm”, containing eleven songs.

In their already quite long career, the band have played in a great number of concert halls along the Spanish geography, sharing stage with bands such as Callenish Circle, Avulsed, Nahemah…


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