CREATION’S TEARS interviewed in UK’s TERRORIZER magazine.

Sixteen years since PARADISE LOST’S seminal, “DRACONIAN TIMES,” ex-drummer LEE MORRIS has revisited his roots with Irish Melodic Metallers, CREATION’S TEARS.  Their debut offering METHODS TO END IT ALL, which incidentally also features a guest appearance by SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA (ex CRADLE OF FITLH), has met with the approval of music journalists globally.  However, all have failed to reach a unanimous verdict on what genre this band belongs to.

“This is not another fucking Goth Metal album,” vehemently contests the CREATION’S TEARS frontman in Dominion Mag in issue 207 (March 2011) of the UK’s Terrorizer magazine.  Terrorizer / Dominion scribe Merlin Alderslade, asks BRIAN EDDIE REYNOLDS to recount the tale of CREATION’S TEARS’ evolution from bedroom jams to recording the debut album with JENS BOGREN (OPETH, KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH, SOILWORK) and teaming up with Goth Metal forefather LEE MORRIS and SARAH JEZEBEL DEVA (ex CRADLE OF FILTH) along the way.

“I decided that I wanted a drummer who would benefit the band and the album, because I have a lot of belief in our music,” states REYNOLDS.  “Even before we started the process of looking, I had (ex PARADISE LOST) drummer LEE MORRIS in mind.  The shift that he made in PARADISE LOST’S sound at the time of “DRACONIAN TIMES” made me think that I’d really like to work with this guy.  But he’d been out of PARADISE LOST for ten years, so it was really hard to find him, and we were really lucky to confirm him in the end.”

You can see video footage of LEE MORRIS in the process of recording METHODS TO END IT ALL at

“The funny thing is that people have described us as a “Goth Metal” band.”  Esteemed British author, radio DJ and journalist, Malcolm Dome, classified the band as “Brit Goth” in his Classic Rock blog.  Germany’s Legacy Magazine throws the term “Thrash Metal” into the debate while USA’s Sea Of Tranquility suggests that METHODS TO END IT ALL has a “Prog Metal” feel in parts.  Others hear Doom Metal influences and the UK’s Terrorizer magazine surmises that it’s „dark rock ’n‘ roll.  The band themselves are keen to escape categorisation and the band’s frontman has been documented in rock music press as saying that METHODS TO END IT ALL is definitely not a Gothic album.  BRIAN EDDIE REYNOLDS:  “I think of Creation’s Tears as music for the emotionally disturbed, the suicidal and those who have been oppressed by the female of the species”.


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