Amberian Dawn continue RBN support with full “END OF EDEN” ALBUM

NEW YORK CITY, New York, March 11th, 2011 – Leading Rock Band Network content developer RockGamer Studios has made the announcement today that they have entered into an agreement with Finland’s highly respected underground metal label, Spinefarm Records, to bring the entirety of the fan-favorite symphonic power metal act Amberian Dawn’s third album, “End of Eden”, to Rock Band Network 2.0 for the Xbox 360.
Released on October 20th, 2010, “End of Eden” marks a maturity and evolution in Amberian Dawn’s sound, with their epic soundscapes, powerful melodies, and operatic vocal performances reaching new heights across the album’s ten tracks. The lead single from the album, “Arctica”, will be amongst the first of the tracks to be released via RBN 2.0, and will make excellent use of the new features exclusive to Rock Band 3, such as vocal harmonies, pro keyboard charting, and pro drums.
Founded in 2006 by guitar and keyboard virtuoso Tuomas Seppälä and bassist Tommi Kuri, Amberian Dawn has been recognized worldwide for their unique approach to symphonic metal. With lead singer Heidi Parviainen performing vocal duties on all three of the albums to date, her distinctive voice has lent a softness yet strongness to their recorded output. With songs such as “River of Tuoni” and “He Sleeps in a Grove” available at the launch of the Rock Band Network in March 2010, the band quickly pledged their support for RBN, and have released sixteen songs taken from their first two albums via the Network to date, with several more still to be released as part of RBN 2.0.
The new album features the following tracks:
“Talisman” (3:41)
“Come Now Follow” (3:47)
“Arctica” (4:59)
“Ghostly Echoes” (5:44)
“Sampo” (3:12)
“Blackbird” (3:58)
“Field of Serpents” (3:39)
“City of Corruption” (4:20)
“Virvatulen Laulu” (3:46)
“War in Heaven” (7:24)
The forthcoming Rock Band Network release of “End of Eden” will see all ten tracks from the band’s third album joining their previous releases from “River of Tuoni” and “The Clouds of Northland Thunder” as being playable in Rock Band 3, and available for download via the Rock Band Network Store on Xbox 360.
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