DEAD BY WEDNESDAY – „Will To Fight“ (single release of upcoming full length album)

Music Buy Mail – CD6077

File under: hardcore
EAN: 4020110101523
Format: digital single
Release: 25. February 2011
Specials: For fans of Sepultura, Slayer, System of a Down,
Slipknot, Lamb of God, Pantera, Dead Kennedy’s,
Bad Brains, ICP, RATM, Hatebreed, Suicidal T,
Classic Metallica, Bio-Hazard
01. Will To Fight
In 2005 Dead By Wednesday hailing from New Haven, CT. made their first mark by releasing their debut CD
‚Democracy is Dead‘ on Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed’s Stillborn Records, USA. Then in 2008 came „The Killing Project“,
the highly anticipated sophomore full length CD.
“Killing Project” demonstrated with a punch to the face, New Haven CT,’s very own aggressive hybrid of metal, punk,
& real hard core. While still considered a metal band, DBW’s sound was once called „Cross-over“. With songs of
urgency & importance regarding ideas on religion, current world affairs, race & equality, „The Killing Project“, on
Eclipse Records was destined to make an impact. And it did! Shortly after the release, the video for the single ‚Pawns‘
by Grammy nominated producer David Brodsky of My Good Eye, NYC went into rotation & debuted on MTV2’s
Headbanger’s Ball, Music Choice and Havok TV on demand, Sirius Satellites Liquid Metal, Rock Band Video Game,
and UFC.
NOW in 2010 the band is currently working on all new brutally heavy unreleased material & are back in the studio
recording their most important junior LP CD w/ long time friend & producer Enoch Jensen @ East Lake Recording
Studio’s in MA. Dead By Wednesday are focused on making „their“ Master of Puppets.
In preparation to the new full length album to be released in April 15th, the digital single “Will To Fight” will see the
light of day in February 25th.
New full length album:
DEAD BY WEDNESDAY – „The Last Parade“
Release Date: April 15th, 2011
“Welcome to 2011…It may be our last year on Earth, but it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! So come join the
parade!!” „The Last Parade“ is a brutal yet intelligent blend of metal, hardcore and punk and is the third LP/CD from
„The Last Parade“ cries for humanity and apocalyptic images can be heard between ripping guitar riffs, machine gun
drumming and intricate bass lines. For fans of PANTERA, Classic METALLICA, LAMB OF GOD, SLAYER, KILLSWITCH
ENGAGE, SHADOW’S FALL, ALL THAT REMAINS, etc. ‚The Last Parade“ may very well be the world’s farewell party
and DBW’s new release will be the last album you will need to own!
Feedback about DBW:
„Dead By Wednesday is a band that holds the future of hardcore metal in the palm of their hands“ – Paul Gargano
(Metal Edge Magazine)
„DBW has a new & total original sound that’s guaranteed to set the world a blaze!“ — Marc Rizzo (guitarist of
SOULFLY/Calvera Conspiricy/x-ILL Nino)
„Heavy, thrashing and hardcore. Perfect!“ — David Ellefson (bassist of MEGADETH)
„A metal mosh massacre fueled by shredding guitars, double bass, catchy melodies & lyrics that actually make you
think.“ — Beattie (bassist of HATEBREED)
„Whhoooaa! The Killing Project does just that! It kills!!“ — Mike Haze (DJ @ the Lazer, 99.3FM.)
MORBID JOE – Vocals/Screams
OPUS – Drums
DEAD BY WEDNESDAY is Proudly Sponsored by:
Royal Blunts
Sabian Cymbals
Vic Firth Drumsticks
HM Drums
Bridgeport Republic Clothing
Aguilar Amplification
Roscoe Guitars
Stellar Strings


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