Anette von Nightwish gestern Mutter geworden… Wir gratulieren

Anbei eine kleine aber feine Mitteilung der Sängerin von Nightwish:

„It is for me so wonderful to tell you that yesterday, July 30th at 16.28, mine and Johan’s son was born ;=)

He was 52 cm tall and his weight was 3930 grams.

We have tried to get him out the natural way since tuesday and used different methods, but like with my first son, I didn’t get enough strong contractions so it was decided to finally get him out through a c-section.

We all are just fine but still in the hospital where we are resting and just being so happy to have this beautiful and precious boy with us. Life is so wonderful and I am so, so happy and just floating with joy ;=)“

– Anette


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